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Week Five of Fifty-Two on Friday!  Nineteen other photographers and I are doing our project together to not only share with all of our blog readers, but to keep the project on track.  We have a list of 52 “ideas or themes”  that we will shoot each week of the year.  And since we’re getting started a week late, the project will roll over into the first week of 2012.  I will take a picture of our theme for the week — the way I interpret it and I will post it on my site.  Then under my post, I will link to another photographer from the project so you can check out her interpretation of the theme.  After you see hers, you will notice a different link under her picture that will then take you to the next photographer’s website.  If you continue to click on the link under each picture, in the end you should see 19 other pictures and eventually make it back to my site.  When I say there is some AMAZING talent in this group, I’m not lying, you will definitely want to check out everyone’s pictures.

This week’s theme is food!  I absolutely love food.  I love to cook and most of all, I love to bake.  I love recipes that are challenging and I always love to try something new.

I decided to bake a cake for this week’s theme and I used a recipe that I had never tried before.  It’s a lemon cake from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook.  It took a little while to put together but it was worth it!  So delicious!!!

Now, travel to Northeast Ohio, USA to visit Tara Carmen and see her interpretation of this week’s theme!

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