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Making Time Stand Still

I have always had a deep love of photography and capturing memories. Having the ability to make time stand still in a constantly moving world is what I love most about photography. Days, weeks, and years go by, but tangible photographs and family videos are something that you can always look back on and cherish.

I love connecting with people and documenting love, life, and laughter. My goal for any session is to capture what makes you and your loved ones so special at this very moment in time. In those moments, there are details that we all want to remember years down the road. The littleness of a newborn baby, a big grin with Baby's first tooth, or photos in a place that resonates deeply with you. Those moments and details are so important.

I look forward to meeting you, weaving memories, and creating art that you can enjoy for years to come.


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Let's GET Personal

Get to know me

It's no secret that nature is my absolute favourite place to be. I love to hike, camp, kayak, cross-country ski, and snowshoe. Being in nature grounds me and gives me balance. It fills my heart and I love capturing - both in photo and video - all that is wild and free.


Know the facts

01 - I was born in Newfoundland and have lived in three other provinces - Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta.

02 - I'm drawn to the arts and love to dabble in other areas as much as I can. From music to pottery to painting, I love it all.

03 - I love animals and my adventure sidekick is a Boston Terrier named Jasper.

04 - Before I became a photographer, I completed a forestry degree and worked in that field for almost 10 years.

05 - My favourite place is either in the mountains or by the ocean. Combine the two... pure bliss!

06 - My favourite book is "A Beautiful Anarchy" by David duChemin. A must read!

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Cochrane, Alberta Photographer & Filmmaker