Fifty-Two on Friday | Valleyview Alberta Photographer

This week’s theme is “strangers” and it had my mind going in all sorts of directions…  from a song by the Doors to bombarding random people with my camera.  It will be interesting to see everyone’s take on this theme!

My stranger.. who visited just long enough for a photograph.  We see all sorts of animals here and it wouldn’t be home without all these roaming creatures.

Travel with me to visit the amazing Amanda Jouppi, Chippewa Fall Photographer, and find out here interpretation of this week’s theme.

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Jenn Duguay is originally from Newfoundland and has lived in many places across Canada. She now resides in Cochrane, Alberta. Jenn is a a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fine art, portrait, and lifestyle films. She is inspired by rugged peaks, tall trees, and that amazing scent of fresh wild air. Her love of nature is evident in her work. Jenn loves to travel and explore new places

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Cochrane, Alberta Photographer & Filmmaker