I’ve been mulling over a topic for a body of work for over a year. It’s a part of a deeper study into mastering the craft of photography. The thing is, photography, like anything else in life, involves constantly honing a person’s skills. I work to be a better photographer, filmmaker, and all around human. The aim is perfection, but the beauty in life is the perfectly imperfect and to embrace the opportunities that we have to learn along the way.

The teachable moments in our lives provide enlightenment and clarity. They give direction and purpose. The might lead us to ask more questions or we might find the answer that we have been seeking all along.

After many months of deciding which direction to go, I’ve finally found my answer. In my next body of work, I won’t be focusing on a specific colour. I won’t be shooting with the purpose of converting the images to black and white. Instead, I’m going to throw back to my roots a bit.

I’ve always been inspired by nature and all the beauty that surrounds us. From the tiniest details to sweeping landscapes, nature has always pulled me in. It’s fitting the my next body of work focuses on the magnetism that I feel for the great outdoors. My focus for my next body of work will be flora.


flawruhflohruh ]

noun,  plural flo·ras, flo·rae  [flawr-ee, flohr-ee] for 2.

the plants of a particular region or period, listed by species and considered as a whole.

FLORA 1: Western Anemone | Anemone occidentalis

Story Behind the Shot: Western anemones are some of the very first wildflowers to brighten up the meadows in the mountains. On a hike to Ptarmigan Cirque in the Highwood Pass, these beautiful blooms with fuzzy stems dotted the June landscape that was still partially covered in snow.

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Jenn Duguay is originally from Newfoundland and has lived in many places across Canada. She now resides in Cochrane, Alberta. Jenn is a a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fine art, portrait, and lifestyle films. She is inspired by rugged peaks, tall trees, and that amazing scent of fresh wild air. Her love of nature is evident in her work. Jenn loves to travel and explore new places

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Cochrane, Alberta Photographer & Filmmaker