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One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt as a mother is to see with my eyes wide open.  Really wide… so that you see your surroundings in all of its amazing glory.  It could be the tiniest little bug, the way the sun is hitting the landscape just so, how the wind feels on your face this very second, or it might be something that evokes unending interest.  This pure sense of curiosity brings you right back to the feeling of being a child, all over again.

Our family has a massive love of nature and my middle guy is especially fascinated with the ocean and all of its awesome animals.  He dreams of being a scuba diver and marine biologist one day.  One of his highlights from this summer was a trip to the west coast.  While we were there, he hiked, swam in the ocean, did a little beach combing, and went on a whale tour.  We saw some humpbacks (a story for another day), some seals, and one of his favourite creatures…  the always magical jellyfish.

Jellyfish, Strait of Georgia

Many thanks to Maeve, a marine biologist from Prince of Whales, who made his trip super special by taking the time to chat with him about sea animals and what we saw that day ❤️

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Jenn Duguay is originally from Newfoundland and has lived in many places across Canada. She now resides in Cochrane, Alberta. Jenn is a a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fine art, portrait, and lifestyle films. She is inspired by rugged peaks, tall trees, and that amazing scent of fresh wild air. Her love of nature is evident in her work. Jenn loves to travel and explore new places

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